If you’re following the blog, you know that I’m an advocate for using clean products. I also love for my house to smell clean and fresh; not to mention that sometimes I want to treat myself to products that I feel good about using and feel like a treat. Here’s a quick run down of scents that I’m loving right now. These are products that you can feel good about using around sensitive little ones.

1.Perfume — It’s so hard to find scents that I feel good about that using that won’t break the bank. That’s why I’m a fan of Good Chemistry’s Vibrant + Playful collection’s Brainiac body spray (has notes of citrus, peppercorn, and vanilla). Good Chemistry is vegan, cruelty-free, paraben free, ethylene glycol free, and made with essential oils.

2.Candle — I’m a big target shopper and love to treat myself to items from Target’s Hearth and Hand with Magnolia collection. I can feel good about these treats because of Chip and Joanna Gaines’s commitment to giving back to small American communities. I’m currently burning their Fireside candle, which features notes of wood, pine, and clove. The aromas are naturally derived.

3.Feel Good Oils — I always keep lavender essential oil and a mobile diffuser on hand. I love Mountain Rose Herbs for single oils. Healing Oils RN (find her on Etsy) makes some really great blends that are safe to use. She is a pediatric RN who’s done lots of research and provides clear instructions for use. Her Acne blend is a great treat for my skin and smells so luxurious. M-Grain by Youngliving is a “splurge” oil that I use personally and often recommend to clients. I’ve come to associate the scent with knowing that I’ll get some migraine relief soon, which is really soothing. It’s also cool and tingling when used topically.

4.Cleaning Products — I’m currently loving Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products in Basil and Geranium. These scents are both really light and fresh thanks to a combination of essential oils and thoughtfully selected synthetic scents. I also am a huge fan of any clean products that clean as well as or better than traditional products.

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